Our regions are characterized in the late hours especially with rest. The villages in our region have still ring many bars where
it is cozy evenings linger. But when you look for groovy discotheques you find them especially in the nearby
 places Estartit and Playa d'Aro, though nowadays knows Playa de Pals also a hip disco.
Playa de Pals Begur Palamos Palafrugell Torroella de Montgri
Woko's Bar
Bar El Tapas
Bar La Plata
La Guitarra
Bar La Sala
This bar is super warm and cosy. Also snacks are available, such as e.g. ' the best burger in town ever '. Kevin provides live music most nights, so just by bags and continue until the early hours.
Here is the place to be. Every night around half past six, the whole bar full of platillo's with other snacks each evening. You can also relax on the terrace, which is located right next to the Church. On the later hours is there delicious music.
Undoubtedly one of the nicest locations in Palamos, perhaps the best. Good atmosphere and good music and ideal for an after-dinner drink or to finally to have a perfect evening.
For lovers: every night during July and August vibrant and authentic jazz music in improvised jam sessions. Enjoy the music, dancing to the nuts of the local jazz musicians or just relax on the terrace during the warm evenings.
Welcoming and very pleasant location. Large terrace for warm summer evenings. In the early hours of the morning, there are still many opportunities for small snacks at affordable prices to order.
Playa de Pals
Les Teules
This discotheque occupies a seventeenth century farmhouse in the rice fields Pals and it's exclusively enjoy the late summer evening. It has a spacious terrace, a chill-out groups, a bar and most importantly of all, a spacious dance floor with good music where you can enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. In July and August open all night from 19:00 to 07:00. It is not necessary to reserve and Les Teules has its own free parking and a shuttle taxi to surrounding villages.
Playa d'Aro
The most popular and best known nightclub in Platja d'Aro. This disco is a sister nightclub of the same name famous nightclub in Ibiza. The Pacha is not inferior to Pacha in Ibiza. It is a beautiful nightclub where tightened. A disadvantage is the entrance which is quite on the high side. At the beginning of the evening, it is often very quiet but the bars and cafés are beginning to deflate, the busier soon. On the weekends there are mainly Spanish but on the weekdays in the peak season to meet people from all over Europe.
This disco is especially popular with Dutch tourists. It is a beautiful nightclub with three floors and even a real garden. On each floor run other music, so you can also find other people. On the floor where a lot of R & B is rotated, are particularly many women while on the other a lot men are stomping on hard house. In Estartit is not so rude and flocking to it as in Lloret. There is also a different kind than in Lloret audience. Well, there are plenty Englishmen to Estartit that appear after a few beers suspiciously like the people who go to Lloret.