Below are some suggestions to spend a day or a few hours visit:

La Bisbal
Can Solivera
An estate with olive groves around a thousand years old farmhouse, where the best quality olive oil is made by Dutch .....! Here they work according to traditional breeding, pruning and harvesting methods, with wide, open trees and it is dedicated here to the production of extra virgen olive oil, made from the 'Arbequina', an olive kind that guarantee a fruity and spicy flavor. State The tour includes a walk through the olive grove with explanations of the estate and olive cultivation, visit the production areas and the farm for a video presentation and a tasting. And buy olive oil is also possible.
Playa d'Aro
Aqua Diver
You can enjoy here various attractions like: wave pool, rapid rivers, slides, kamikazes and the fantastic four soft jobs. A set of attractions oriented for both children and adult audiences. The park is the perfect place to spend a few unforgettable hours with children, family and friends. You'll find the most appropriate services, such as restaurants, creperia, pic-niczone or pine areas where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. A single disadvantage is the entrance fee (about € 30 pp)
Parc d'Aventura
very nice trip for both children and older people with guts. Five tracks are plotted, ranging from fairly easy for smaller children from 3 years old to a challenging track that goes high through the trees. Everything looks pico bello, the staff is very nice and helpful, you really get the idea that it attached great importance to the safety of the visitor. Participants first receive instruction in which they learn how to safely use the tracks. Everyone is constantly double fused with modern and well maintained equipment.
Vins i licors Grau
This store is a family business that goes back to the mid-twentieth century. The company was founded in 1951 by Miquel Grau. It continued to grow in the nineties, to build a major winehouse in the beginning of the new century. The new building, located at 163, Torroella street in Palafrugell, covers an area of 15,000 m2, including the buildings, gardens and parking.
The place for figuring taste and buy specific Spanish and Catalan wines.