The restaurants usually serving Catalan cuisine, ranging from exclusive to a very simple home kitchen, the cuina casolana. The cuina catalana is both fish and meat-based. In almost all restaurants are to be found alongside its own specialties, one or more of these traditional dishes on the menu. Anchovy has long been a main product of Catalonia and therefore lacking in any restaurant.
The Catalans have different habits where they adhere to since the creation of the Catalan cuisine and traditions. Typical characteristics of the food culture are:

- They have breakfast sweet, which usually consists of strong coffee, fruit and other sweets
- They have a very high consumption of seafood and fish compared to other European countries
- The main seasonings they use are garlic, onions and parsley
- They eat warm twice a day, usually around 15:00 and then in the evening around 22:00 again
- Tapas are eaten from 12:00 am to midnight (no meal)
- There is bread eaten with hot dishes
- There is generous use of olive oil, Spain is the No.  1 of olive oil producers in the world
Bread with tomato you come across Spain against, but in Catalonia, one puts on the pa amb tomquet no tomato slices. They crush the tomatoes with garlic and then let the mixture pull in the bread and add one sliced meat or cheese.
The renowned Catalan stews are also anywhere on the menu. The best known is the zarzuela, based on fish and seafood.
typical Catalan paella is the arrs negre, a simplified paella cooked in a flat cazuela (pan) with squid ink coloring.
Speaks about thé dessert of Catalan cuisine, then we speak of Crema Catalana, based custard with seasonings cinnamon and lemon zest. The recipe is very similar to the French crme brlée.
Tapas are the Spanish term for an appetizer. Traditionally, tapas are ordered before dinner and is eaten in Spanish cafes with an alcoholic drink.
Escalivada are for hours grilled Mediterranean vegetables like peppers, eggplant, zucchini and onion with a lot of olive oil and some vinegar.
Fideu is a traditional dish from the Barcelona region without rice but with a thin type vermecelli and many shellfish.
Very special is the Broudegos, a 'dog soup' of fish, onions and orange juice.